Golden Harvest, Inc., Golden Gates™ manufacturers a complete line of aluminum and stainless steel gates for distribution worldwide. These products, based on extensive experience in all types of environments, are the result of intensive research, computer, lab, field-testing, analysis, and customer input.

The Company is located in Burlington, Washington about 60 miles north of Seattle. Our 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility includes advanced fabrication, welding, and machining areas.

Golden Harvest, Inc. has been manufacturing water control gates for the United States and International water and wastewater markets since 1983. Each Golden Gate is designed with specific features and characteristics, to meet the particular application. The basic design can be adapted to suit the exact requirements of the application in terms of size, shape, and strength.

New product ideas continue to evolve from Golden Harvest, Inc.'s experience and customer input. Innovative ideas have led to new perspectives and modern answers to emerging technical challenges. While service and prompt response times are important in the modern business world, we at Golden Harvest, Inc. take personal pride in meeting our customer's needs by maintaining a highly trained and motivated work force, including an engineering staff, combining many years of experience with a varied range of expertise. Our staff works closely with the Project Engineers during the entire process to deliver a properly designed quality product. We believe a successful project requires real teamwork and attention to the fulfillment of our customer's application. We are your partners and will work together to solve your needs.

Golden Harvest offers technical support in cost estimation and specification review as well as writing job specific specifications. We are the industry standard in quality, cost, customer service and lead-time. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.